This is what our clients have to say about us...

"I feel like a new woman, in a new body, with an enlightened mind. And I want to thank you for taking the time to help me, to teach me to take care of myself. You are an amazing lady, doing remarkable things for others that thought there was nothing else left for them except existing in this life with pain. You gave me hope, and with that I will run and bloom into the flower we all are." Shannon (CRPS patient)

“I came with emotional suffering from my military experience. Going thru Brain Optimization prepared me for what happened in the past couple month with family and other issues around I wouldn’t be able to cope with. I would like to attribute a lot to the Brain Optimization and Idaho Re-Boot Camp.” - Brayan, retired military


"After 4 years of suffering, in 5 days I was able to get my life back. Absolutely speechless! Cannot say enough positive things about this treatment. It's the only thing that works!" Sierra K. - (CRPS patient)


"I went through a week of treatment with Traci after being close to disabled for many years with Fibromyalgia.  The treatment worked wonders, partly because of the nature, but also because of Traci's customizing each client's treatment to their own interests and goals.  I now have my life back.  I highly recommend this form of treatment, and highly recommend Traci as a Certified Hypnotist.  She's gone through her own personal journey of pain and recovery, and truly understands.  Thank you, Traci, with all my heart!"  Colleen G. - (Fibro patient)


"Traci has helped me control my neuropathic pain and I now have a new outlook on life.  I can't thank her enough." Anne W. - (Neuropathic Pain)


"Traci is knowledgeable, professional, patient and caring.  She is very organized, instills faith in the process needed to maintain a calm relaxed state of mind, and her technique and tools help that to happen. " DB - (CRPS patient)


"Traci is absolutely the best. She knows the ins and outs of CRPS and so many other issues. The science behind her knowledge is amazing. Once all put together makes so much sense..." - Amy (CRPS & Fibro)


​"My personal goals were met while working with Traci and I gained new insights about CRPS, neuropathic pain and the mind-body connection.  I would highly suggest other CRPS and/or chronic pain patients look into this as a viable treatment option." - CRPS client


"I will recommend Traci and Advanced Pathways to other chronic pain patients.  You were amazing in terms of what you do.  I appreciate everything you did!  Thank you for going out of your way to help me." - MH - (Chronic Neuropathic Pain) 


"At first, I didn't believe that stress plays such a big role in pain levels, but I do now.  Tools I got will help me with stress, anxiety and other areas of my life.  I really love the fact that I have access to mp3 files.  I would recommend Advanced Pathways to other CRPS patients or anyone dealing with chronic pain." - TD - (CRPS patient)


"It is such a warm and caring environment. I loved the things we worked on!  I love the program.  I would recommend Traci and Advanced Pathways to any other CRPS or chronic pain patient." ED - (CRPS patient)


"I got more out of our sessions together than I did from over 10 years of working with a psychologist.  LOL  My stress levels are down, I feel like I have control / focus and an overall increase in well-being.  Thank You!!!" - BS 


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